No need to make formal drawings.  A text description and a hand drawing is a great place to start.  We are here to make the process easy for you so don't waste your time making a lot of pretty pictures.
Duct Tape believes in making business relationships where all parties are big winners.  That is why we place so much emphasis on reviewing the business case together with you.  We need to know a little about your company and what your rough production forecasts are.  You need to know how long we think the product will take to design and what we expect the unit price to be.
You have decided to partner with us.  Thank you for your business!  The first PO is normally a commitment to a small beta run of prototypes.
Did the beta run meet your needs and expectations?  Are there any changes we need to incorporate into the production run?
As a general rule, we price product on a step model.  This means that the first 100 will be priced at $X.  The next 400 will be reduced to $Y, then the next 500 and so on until the pricing levels out.  Almost every businessman I know is an optimist and expects the best-case scenario for their endeavor.  Step pricing protects our investment in time and ensures that you get the best pricing possible when things really take off.
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